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Upon visiting a construction site, a reporter asked three brick masons what they were doing. The first answered gruffly, “I’m laying bricks.” The second replied, “I’m earning my week’s pay.” But the third mason said enthusiastically and with obvious pride, “I’m building a cathedral” (Dale, 1991). When you have purpose you can see life as an opportunity for growth, rather than as a chore and hardship.

Discover your purpose? 

The first step in the journey of self-discovery is to get to know yourself. Take some time to figure out what is important for you, what your needs are, what your strengths are, and what makes you tick. Here, we present 6 ways that’d help you become more self-aware.

Get to know…

Your strengths: These are individual characteristics that make people "naturally" excel at certain performances (van Woerkom, Oerlemans, & Bakker, 2016). They can be cultivated through practice once they are recognised by oneself or others. So what are your strengths?

Your personality: There are many theories and definitions about personality. In brief personality can be said to refer to characteristics, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that make a person unique, arise from within and remain relatively stable over time. Get some insights about your personality, vocation, suitable roleemotional intelligence, or dark side...

Your subconscious drive: These are the motives that drive your behaviour subconsciously. What are your drives?

But don’t stop here. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Your journey of self-discovery has just begun!

Also, do not forget that if you need any guidance in the process of self-discovery, you can approach one of our coaches! Rutger and Roel will be happy to help!

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