What can coaching do for you?

First of all, it is good to realize that there is a difference between “wanting”, “thinking’ and “doing”. For example, sometimes we want to reach something (an agreement with an architect or the chance to get a new job from our boss). We then tend to think that we have to act in a certain way; most of the time the way you have always done such things. And when we decide to do the action (so speak to the architect or convince the boss), then we sometimes find out afterwards that it went differently than we intended. Often that is caused by the fact that you approach such things from your own perspective without looking broader. Just to be clear; that is not necessarily wrong by itself but sometimes a different approach (coming from a different perspective) may be much more effective. Coaching is a way to help you in discovering your own perspective (your beliefs). By challenging that perspective you can accelerate your own personal development by discovering your ‘blind spots” and “fixed mindset”. This opens up new options to reach your goals by showing different behavior and often creates piece of mind. Bright Society offers you the possibility to use your Bright Coins for personal one-to-one sessions to boost your personal development. 

Examples of questions (but there are many more) which we handle during coaching: 

  • I just finished a training in personal development and I am directly applying what I learned, but now I find out that I would like to further deepen my own style in a personal session with a coach.
  • What could be a good next step in my career? How can I explore and benefit from my drives, talents & possibilities? 
  • How can I prepare myself optimally to for a once-in-a-lifetime chance which I now get? 
  • Why is it so difficult to communicate with my team members? 
  • How to manage myself and my emotions is a ‘better’ way? 
  • Help; I need to do a presentation for the Board of Directors. How should I do that; how do I even start? 
  • My boss told me in my appraisal that I should be more pro-active. I have no clue how and what.