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We studied optical properties of 2D and 2D photonic crystals by means of broadband microscope reflectivity measurements. We described the setup that was build for reflectivity measurements of photonic structures. We investigated in details polarization behavior of light reflected from the 2D photonic crystals with different configuration of polarizer and analyser. We observed for the first time a large birefringence within the stop bands of 2D photonic crystals. We interpret polarization behavior of 2D photonic crystals with the model of semi-infinite birefringent slab with the effective refractive index tensor and obtained the components of the effective refractive index by fitting the model to the experimental 130 Reflectivity of silicon photonic crystals with and without embedded point defects data. We obtained from the fit model anisotropy of the effective refractive index for frequency range between 4000 and 12000 cm−1. We studied reflectivity measurements of 3D photonic crystal structures with and without embedded defects. From the observed stop bands for quasi-perfect photonic crystal structures we obtained R/a ratio and found an excellent match to the R/a ratios obtained from tomography data. In the reflectivity spectra taken on the structures with embedded defects we observed a trough within the calculated band gap. We found good correspondence of the trough in the reflectivity peak with the spatial position of the cavity defect in X and Y directions. We observed decreased reflectivity in range of predicted extra bands as well as two resonances within the stop band of the crystal containing an array of 80 cavities arranged in a cubic lattice.

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