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This PhD project deals with the study of the problems related to the contact line dynamics and moving fluid interfaces. The contact line here is refereed to the common borderline between two immiscible fluids and a solid surface. In our work, we use the lattice Boltzmann (LB) method to study the fundamental aspects of the moving contact line. This project is mainly inspired by two industrial applications: immersion lithography (ASML) and print head of an ink-jet nozzle (Oc̩), where the moving contact line plays a significant role in various instabilities occurring at the micro scale. Both of these problems involves more then one characteristic length scale and time scales, highly curved fluid interfaces, multiphase flows and complex boundary conditions, which make the analytical or numerical studies for these very challenging. In our study we develop, validate and apply the LB method for the problems related to the contact line motion and the moving interfaces.

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