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To put this thesis into present-day context this chapter starts with an introduction to solar energy, an economical view on solar energy, and the unexpected benefits of research on innovative solar cell technologies. Following that, the working principles of solution-processed, thin-film solar cells are discussed briefly. The aim is not to give a thorough scientific description, but rather a description on a level that is for most part understandable for readers with a general scientific background. The second half of this chapter follows the title of this thesis. The sections on droplets, fibers, and crystals show the wide variety of possible solar cell nanostructures. Some of the complex links between solution processing, nanostructure and solar cell performance are addressed, as they are the fundamental theme of this thesis. By increasing our understanding of solar cell fabrication processes we seek to gain control over the solar cell nanostructure. In turn, this allows us to optimize the solar cell performance.

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