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Since the beginning of time, humans have been trying to replace the skeletal system in cases of trauma or disease. Medical devices were designed, manufactured, and implanted, to restore the function of the skeletal system. Fast forward to today and joint replacements are among the most common surgeries carried out in the world. Despite their success, a relatively large number of patients will eventually need a revision surgery. In most cases, the implant fails due to aseptic loosening. Aseptic loosening represents a range of implant loosening cases not associated with infection and is often linked to an inflammatory response. This kind of implant loosening is often associated with the mechanical failure of the load-bearing connection at the bone-implant interface. The complexity of the bony tissue, with its hierarchical and anisotropic structure, complicates the development of life-lasting replacements. This thesis explores the Poisson effect in AM metallic meta-biomaterials to improve bone-implant contact.

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