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The advent of stretchable electronics (SE) has resulted in an expanding group of novel and exciting applications, e.g., smart health monitoring patches, 3D formed electronics, and balloon catheters with integrated multifunctional instrumentation for minimally invasive surgery, among others. Such SE devices are typically based on a hybrid approach with sti↵ application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) islands distributed on an elastomer substrate and electrically connected by stretchable interconnects. For most SE applications, especially stretchable detectors, a boost in the currently low ASIC island density is desired to maximize device performance. This entails miniaturizing the interconnect footprint by an order of magnitude compared to typical current solutions while reaching ultra stretchability beyond 1000%, whereas most of the existing interconnect geometries stay below 100%. This PhD thesis therefore aims at bridging this gap by introducing a new type of miniaturized ultra-stretchable interconnect with a reliable performance.

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