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When people think about which company to work for, they usually consider these 3 things – the money, the location, and the workplace culture. While these are pretty legit concerns, take into consideration that how long you will stay at your new job and how much fun you’ll have while you’re there, will be defined by your relationship with your manager. 

As a Doctor of Philosophy, you could work at a nice place with great co-workers and good pay, but if you don’t get along with your boss, or if they have no time/budget to help you grow, you’ll get bored of everything eventually. We get the picture ‘cause we’ve been there! Have you ever wondered where these great managers hang out at? Good news; we know exactly where the Bright spots are – cool places with awesome leaders who understand how to nourish and inspire their people. Our program offers limited seats with unlimited value, for Bright sparks like you. These ''Bright seats' are reserved in Bright companies, exclusively managed bij inspirational managers who make a true difference. These natural leaders will find the right fit for you during your time there, not the next rung on a ladder. Bright managers are rare; but no worries, we know where they hide! You’ll be well taken care of. It's time to shine ⭐️