We believe in a lifetime contact rather than a lifetime contract. Bright society

There is a Bright way

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Our true strength comes to life when brilliant folks start working together. In our exclusive 3 year program, you’ll get to kick some ass while working on cool projects with leading companies, hang out with amazing people and make awesome friends. 

Through immense guidance and with huge support you'll discover every step of the way. Experiencing working life on your own terms with a massive deal of freedom, inspired action, being part of an unique 'Bright' network. Everything you need will be available to lead you on your way to living an authentic life. The 3 years you’ll be with us are the building blocks of a Bright relationship because we believe in lifetime contact rather than a lifetime contract.

You'd also get the chance to forget who you think you are so that you can explore who you really are, and find out what you’re made of. And last but not least, you will figure out how to maximize and enjoy your work-life balance (aka have a job AND a social life)!