Why is work engagement important?

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When you’re engaged, you feel at ease with yourself and the world. You are more creative. You are happy to go the extra mile (Bakker, Demerouti, & Ten Brummelhuis, 2012) and this is reflected in all aspects of your life – with your family, at work, and with yourself. This translates to a more fulfilled life! 

How can you stay engaged? Engagement is not a fixed state. It can change from one moment to the next (Reina-Tamayo, Bakker, & Derks, 2017). This state of mind can be fostered and nurtured provided the right anchors are dropped at the right places. At the Bright institute, you will learn how to obtain, nurture, and maintain these anchors, such as meaning, resources, and challenges in your everyday life. In this way, you can cultivate feelings of engagement at work as well as in your personal journey.