Brf 2019 Heide2

The challenge

Children living in poverty often cannot have a day out due to their financial circumstances. A day out will make these children forget their circumstances and be happy. In addition, they get new experiences. Moreover, these children will learn about nature, the special flora and fauna at the Heide during this day out.

The project

Bright society joined hands with the ‘Laat Ze Maar Lachen’ foundation to organise a day-out for children from Eindhoven area between 4 and 12 years old and visited the Strabrechtse Heide in Heeze on 26 October 2019.

The Bright Moment

After we gathered at our usual spot behind the train station in Eindhoven a touring car took us to “Heidecafe de Strabrechtse Heide”. Poffertjes where on the menu, which could be beautifully decorated with all kinds of toppings. Afterwards the children could play around for some time until the foresters from Staatbosbeheer joined them and started an expedition across the Strabrechtse Heide.

The children where in the lead and had to guide us to different locations using a map. We went from land to water to air, searching for all kinds of insects and animals. These could be caught using nets and buckets and studied when placed in animal-friendly jars. A variety of animals found themselves being admired by the children, from frogs to butterflies and even a salamander. The children released all animals back into the wild, although some of the animals escaped (either by the empathy from the children or the agility of their movements).
It was a sunny, exploratory day with a lot of fun for both the children and the mentors.