Bright bottle boat race

BRF boat race

The challenge

Science communication is the art of conveying scientific concepts to a larger audience. The associates of Bright society were in for an interesting challenge related to communicating the physics of sailing. What was the challenge you ask? They had to do explain to children in elementary school. Never when the brighties are here. Let us see what they did.

The project

In collaboration with JETNET, the Bright associate organized a ‘Build your own sailboat’ challenge as a part of the Dutch Technology week 2016 at the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven. From the given raw materials, 2 PET bottles, the children had to create their own design for the sailboat. The final designs were judged by the bright associates on speed, fun, smart design elements. Besides the challenge, the associates also gave lessons on the role of physics in sailing.

The bright moment

The morning turned to be fantastic with a lot of enthusiasm and participation from the children. A video was made about the event, you can watch it here.

Get involved

If you like to organize such challenges to explain scientific concepts, kindly get in touch via