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The power supply to the moving part of a linear or a planar motor is conventionally realized by moving cables which limit the performance of the system. To overcome these limitations, the cables can be replaced by a contactless energy transfer (CET) system in which energy is transferred by means of an inductive coupling, i.e. a transformer with an airgap between the primary and secondary coil. A CET system with a planar movement with one or multiple secondary coils, typically has an array of primary coils. Although energy can be transferred along the entire stroke of the moving secondary coil(s), the amount of transferred energy is extremely position dependent. Whereas, the variation in mutual inductance between the primary and secondary coil(s) is a measure for the position dependency of a CET system. This thesis concerns the three-dimensional modeling and analysis of position-independent CET systems. The derived knowledge has been applied in the design and realization of a magnetically suspended planar motor with integrated CET system.

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