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Currently, in each house and building there are a multitude of connected devices and a range of separate networks. Moreover, the growth of the indoor data traffic is largely carried by wireless access networks, such as Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Looking to the indoor wireless local area network (WLAN) and WSNs, they typically rely on the residential gateway. The residential gateway provides the connectivity between the outdoor and the in-home network, network routing, network switching, and also the wireless connectivity. The residential gateway is usually located in a sub-optimal position to deliver the wireless connectivity (e.g. inside meter cabinets and utility rooms). This leads to weak received signals and high interference between the wireless devices and networks in densely populated areas. Together with WLAN and WSN devices, also mobile devices may suer by the poor indoor coverage, since smartphones and tablets located indoor still may rely on the outdoor macrocells. In this thesis, firstly the POF link for wired service delivery is designed by exploring different types of POF transceivers. Secondly, a radio-over-POF transmission system is designed, which also carries the services for wired delivery.

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