A Study in light

The challenge

Children are our future. Shaping young minds with the right form of education is necessary in securing our tomorrow. With a myriad forms of distractions, how can we as a society help kindle a spirit of scientific wonder in the minds of children, especially from high schools. That was the challenge for the Bright associates who tackled it in a fun manner.

The project

Four Bright members teamed up with 12 high school students from Eckart Technasium to discuss and answer a number of questions related to light.

  • What is visible light?
  • Why does a flame emit light?
  • What is “colour temperature”?
  • What is a photon?
  • How do we see colours?
  • How does a LED work?

Together, they designed practical experiments which were recorded in the form of a video.

The bright moment

The video as a part of this project was showed to the audience at the GLOW café in Eindhoven parktheater as a part of the GLOW festival 2015. The children enjoyed being part of this project and are looking forward to answering questions through experiments. We wish them success in their quest towards knowledge.

Get involved

If you are interested in organising another session for children, contact projects@bright-foundation.com.