Prehistorisch Dorp

Prehistorich Dorp

The challenge

Children living in poverty can be happy and enjoy their childhood. They can forget their circumstances and have new experiences. In addition, the prehistorisch dorp teaches them about the life of people who lived hundreds years ago. The children get awareness how people lived some time ago, how they make bread etc.

The objective was to provide a day out for children who normally cannot have a day out due to financial circumstances so that they can be happy and forget their own problems.

The project

A day out was organized in collaboration with the ANBI foundation ‘Laat Ze Maar Lachen’ (also see report at During this day, 13 children between 4 and 12 years old went to the prehistorisch dorp in Eindhoven.

The bright moment

Six Brighties came together and organized a nice event together with Foundation Laat Ze Maar Lachen to go to the prehistorisch dorp in Eindhoven. All children were welcomed at Eindhoven Central station in the morning and were divided into groups with two volunteers per group. A bus took them to the prehistorisch dorp. They had nice pancakes for lunch, which could be topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. The pancakes were home-made by three volunteers of Bright Foundation. After the lunch, each group chose their own path with the children as map-readers. In the village, everybody (except the visitors) wore old-fashioned clothes to provide a trip down history. There were many activities, like javelin-throwing, climbing cabins, carving wood and baking bread in an open campfire. In addition,it was also possible to sail a raft, sit at the spinning wheel and braiding hair in the medieval style.

This summer, they organised a special show with medieval knights. The knights wore their harmer and took part in a knight’s tournament with horses. After this show, children could get fighting lessons with swords. Due to this cool show and many other activities, the children had a really nice time! In the afternoon, a luxe bus (including broad chairs and tables) drove them back to Eindhoven Central Station where the parents were waiting. We look back to a really successful day at the prehistorisch dorp!

Get involved

If you like to organize such inspiring sessions, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at