Assess your selfie!

Personal Development

Assess your selfie!

Assess your selfie!

As a new Bright member you are at the beginning of your career in the Industry. You have completed your PhD and are going to start with full energy a new phase in your career. But what do you find important in your career, who are you and what are your qualities? Many questions that you have probably thought about but have you already found answers to these?

During your first year as a Bright member, you make an online assessment that consists of 3 tests. First of all, we will look at the career values that are important to you. What ensures that you get satisfaction out of your work and what do you find completely unimportant in your work. The test measures 17 career values that give you a clear picture of which elements you ideally see in your work in order to get and give energy every day. In addition, we also use a personality questionnaire to give you insight into your personality. This test is based on the Big Five model. Are you naturally more introverted or extroverted? And are you more friendly or businesslike in nature? Finally, we also map out what your working style is. What do others see of you during your work? By combining these tests we get a clear picture of who you are, what you think is important and how others look at you. Based on this, you can draw up a personal development plan that will help you to make a choice from the content of the Bright institute.

After working on your assignment for a couple of months, the manager of the Bright institute together with you will talk with your manager. Together we will discuss your personal development needs and how we can support you in this. All of this is aimed at facilitating you as much as possible in your personal development during your Bright journey. We, the servant leaders of Bright society are there to help you to find your passion and talent.

Your coach

Lonneke Ploum, manager Bright institute, is an experienced manager and coach. She has studied Human Resource Management and Organization Studies. She worked for more than ten years for several organizations and in different leadership roles. Personal development runs like a thread through her entire career.

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