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What can Personal Coaching do for you?

Coaching is a way to help you discover your own perspective (your beliefs). By challenging that perspective, you can accelerate your own personal development by discovering your ‘blind spots” and “fixed mindset”. This opens up new options to reach your goals by showing different behavior and often creates piece of mind.

It is good to realize that there is a difference between “wanting”, “thinking’ and “doing”. For example, sometimes we want to reach something (an agreement with an architect or the chance to get a new job from our boss). We then tend to think that we have to act in a certain way; most of the time the way you have always done such things. And when we decide to do the action (so speak to the architect or convince the boss), then we sometimes find out afterwards that it went differently than we intended. Often that is caused by the fact that you approach such things from your own perspective without looking broader. Just to be clear; that is not necessarily wrong by itself, but sometimes a different approach (coming from a different perspective) may be much more effective. Coaching will help you to explore the opportunities that are available… for you! And if wanted… to help you to bring them into practice!


Roel Bonten, Rutger Beekelaar and Lonneke Ploum are all very experienced and qualified coaches.

Roel has worked since more than 20 years as a trainer / coach / consultant in ‘trade & industry’. With a background as a psychologist, he helps professionals and leaders in their personal and professional development. They often find out that – besides professional knowledge – also personal communication, self-management, consultancy and management/leadership are professions in themselves. Synergy between individual and organisational goals are pivotal to him.

Rutger is an academic Engineer with a lot of experience in the High Tech sector, currently working part-time for the knowledge institute TNO. The other part of his workweek, he has been coaching technical professionals since 2007. In 2012 he has rounded of the education Coaching for Professionals and was registered as Qualified Coach at the STiR. Besides coaching, Rutger works as certified Trainer and as licensed HeartMath® Coach. Rutger offers the “Building Personal Resilience”-program which is about stress reduction and getting grip on emotions via bio-feedback.

Lonneke is an experienced people manager and coach. She has worked for more than 10 years in different leadership roles after completing her studies Human Resource Management and Organization Studies. Lonneke is trained as a coach at the School of Coaching and works with Carl Jung's systems thinking and the unconscious. Lonneke is a committed coach who challenges others to get the best out of themselves.

Bright Coins

Bright coins depends on the number of talks with your coach. For more information and registration please contact Lonneke Ploum.


Date January 1, 2021
Time 09:00 - 21:00
Seats 12 from 12 available
Organizer Bright Institute
Phone +31 040 230 4117
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